Employment Programs

Helping adults with intellectual developmental disabilities become a proud and productive part of our workforce

Becoming a productive citizen is not just important to our community, but also important to adults with intellectual developmental disabilities.   Our goal is to help our clients achieve the highest level of employment and independence.

Supported Employment

Once the waiver member has secured competitive wage employment, a job coach is assigned to the waiver member for the duration of the employment.  It is the responsibility of the job coach to ensure the waiver member meets the requirements of the position of the employment.  During this time, it is possible that the waiver member may have an increase in pay, hours, and duties.  The goal is to help each waiver member achieve the highest level of employment possible and independence.


This program is focused on identifying employment interest and abilities of each waiver member.  Workshops are developed on understanding the role of an employee and expectation of job performance and behavior.  Job Coaches are with the waiver member for support and assistance to complete the job task by themselves. While waiver members are usually in a group of four, when ready to actively prepare to choose employment, then our job coach will work just with the waiver member one to one in the community.  This is called Job Development.  The I/DD Waiver Manual allows for a waiver member to have a job coach work with them for one year before starting their employment.

Customized Employment

DCI has been awarded a grant to assist individuals with intellectual developmental disabilities who are interested in obtaining employment opportunities.  This grant allows DCI to employ a Career Grant Specialist who assists individuals to visit and learn about employment opportunities and types of employment they find interesting.  Learn more about our Customized Employment program


Need Assistance To Obtain Competitive Wage Employment?

DCI has been given a grant to work with individuals who have been identified as intellectual developmental disabled and/or traumatic brain injury.  You must be 18 years or older.  You may apply to DCI for free assistance to gain competitive wage employment.  eMail l.cloughfeather@dailycompanionsinc.com