Customized Employment

What is Customized Employment?

Customized Employment is a program that assists adults with special needs in the community to find jobs. However, DCI is not an employment agency. We differ in this aspect as we go through a series of “Discovery” phases with you to determine what you would like to do for a job.

Many times individuals may not have traditional work experience, a high school diploma or have a fear they can’t get hired. Many want to work, but simply don’t know where to begin. Sometimes they believe they are not “Good Enough” to do a job that interests them. Daily Companions, Inc. takes the time to get to know the PERSON FIRST.

Once we get to know each other, we will brainstorm what you may want to do with your unique talents, which we call DPG-Discover your Personal Genius. We will visit a variety of work sites and talk to managers to familiarize you with various jobs and expectations, and see if you’d be a good fit. If you receive Department of Rehabilitation Services (DRS), we partner with them to do Community Based Assessments, which are non-paid “Try out” jobs to learn new skills.

When you feel you are ready to pursue a particular job, we will go through the application process and interview WITH you. We’ve come this far together; we’re not about to leave you now. Once hired, we work on the “Customized” part. This is where we speak to the Managers and Customize a position just for you. The job description might say “Lift 50 pounds” or “Answers Phones.” You may be better able to bag/box items, and someone else does the heavy lifting. Or you’re a wiz on the computer, but feel answering phones is overwhelming. We can work with the managers to see if we can mold a job you’re able to do like to do and willing to come to work every day to do. Every employer wants someone who is dependable, friendly, and willing to learn. Is that you?

We want to meet your needs in employment as well as the employer’s need for a quality employee to help drive their business. When you succeed, they succeed. Please know, not every employer is willing to change a job for you, but there are a lot of places willing to accommodate your special needs. Let’s face it; you want to work and have every right to be considered just like your neighbor. You have talent, let it shine. It’s a win-win partnership. And sometimes, an employer who said no previously will get on board once they see you succeed in a different venue.

What are the requirements?

Daily Companions, Inc. Customized Employment Service is open to anyone over 18 who has had an IEP in school, approved for DRS services, and/or is an I/DD Waiver consumer. If you are 18 and currently in High School, contact us so we can work with you, your family and the school to help develop your Individual Plan for Employment (IPE). This will give you better piece of mind in what you are going to do once you graduate. We want to help you cross the bridge from High School Student to Life-Long Student. If you are one who has been out of school for a while and previously or still receive Waiver or DRS services, we want to talk to you too.

How can Customized Employment help me?

First of all, it gives you someone in your corner, guiding you through this process, and helping self- advocate for your desire to be employed. In this process, you will meet new people, learn new skills and find a greater sense of independence. Seeing your name on a paycheck will give you an increased pride in your hard work, not to mention the opportunity to have your own money. If an issue does come up in the workplace, we will help you work it out with your employer in hopes of satisfying everyone involved. Most of these issues are simple misunderstandings. We will help provide clarification as needed. Most importantly, we want to help you BE YOU.