What Assistance Is Available If I Am Non-Waiver?

Daily Companions Inc. is a vendor, or Community Rehabilitation Provider (CRP), for Division of Rehabilitation Services (DRS).

In this capacity, we provide vocational support by working with individuals to explore, assess and/or find employment based on their individual vocational plan.

The process begins with a collaborative CRP planning meeting with the client, parent/guardian, DCI CRP staff, and the client’s DRS Vocational Counselor. Depending on the individualized service needs identified, we may facilitate a Community Based Assessment (CBA), which establishes an unpaid trial work placement in a supportive business environment or a community integrated facility-based program.

We also provide Job Coaching, Job Development, and Direct Placement Support. These services may include job readiness skills such as preparing for interviews, completing employment applications/questionnaires, meeting prospective employers, managers, co-workers, resume development, and assist with identifying skills, strengths and strategies to assist with customized support needs.