Supported Employment brings Success for Michael

Michael was a young man out of school and in search of a job.  How do you find employment when you are shy and have no skills?  With the help of Daily Companions’ Supported Employment program and a Job Coach, Michael was able to overcome his shyness to the extent of applying, interviewing and accepting a position at Hoss’s in Martinsburg.  He was initially hired as a dishwasher, but wanted to expand his learning experience and graduate to other kitchen skills.  With the assistance of his Job Coach, Michael has learned to portion and weigh individual food servings, properly clean and prepare vegetables, gather, measure and assemble various foods following a recipe.  He is now able to complete basic food preparation, as well as cook with supervision.  This from a young man who admits he doesn’t cook at home!

Michael’s Job Coach taught him more than kitchen skills.  Michael also learned to self-advocate, asking for clarification when needed in his job, and is comfortable in the kitchen.  His manager says Michael can be depended on at Hoss’s to come in and do the tasks assigned to him with minimal to no supervision.  His managers say Michael never complains, and works well with his peers.  And although he is still fairly quiet, his co-workers say he is quite the joker.  Michael is pleased now to be working, earning his own money, and socializing with his co-workers.  He also appreciate the time away from home the job affords him.  When asked what he likes best about his job Michael replied “I fit in”.  For now, Michael is content to remain at Hoss’s.

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