Residential Living

Helping the transition to independent living for adults with intellectual developmental disabilities

DCI assists I/DD West Virginia waiver members and their families with the transition and ongoing support for independent living.  We do this by helping waiver members find residential apartments in the community that meet their needs and provide ongoing direct support companions and medical supervision.

How it works

Once the waiver member has chosen their roommate, an apartment can be chosen. A service coordinator will schedule visits to different apartment complexes that meet the physical and financial needs of the waiver member.  DCI tries to find apartment complexes that include a community room where residents can watch TV together, play games and visit with other tenants.DCI will train direct support companion/job coach to assist the waiver members with all functions of independent living.  The waiver members will have social activities and supported employment in the community.  DCI provides nursing service to ensure all health care needs are monitored.

The new I/DD Waiver Manual now requires two individuals to share an apartment.  This could be two waiver members or a waiver member and a natural support.  When two waiver members share an apartment, DCI will provide 24-hour support by direct support companions and medical supervision by the DCI RN.  When a waiver member and a natural support share an apartment, 16 hours of support will be provided by direct support companions and medical supervision provided by the DCI RN.