Reaching Goals Through Supported Employment

Achieving goals through Daily Companions Support ServicesYou know life is funny.  When Quincy joined Daily Companions in 2010 one of the first things he told us when we met him is that he would like to have a job at Subway.  In August of 2015 Quincy is indeed working at ROC’s Subway.  Quincy had several programs, volunteer experiences and work experiences with Dominoes and Mc Donald’s over the 5 years he has been in the program that have prepared him for reaching this goal of his.

Quincy and Daily Companions program has gone through a lot of changes since 2010.  Quincy has grown and matured.  Daily Companions has adapted to Quincy’s changing needs and abilities and has grown with Quincy to the point that a statement that Quincy made to staff in 2010 has become a reality for him.

Today Quincy enjoys his work at Mc Donald’s 2 days a week and at Roc’s 2 days a week.  The rest of the time he enjoys interacting with his friends at Daily Companions and going out into the community every day for different activities and job exploration experiences.