Preparation And Experience Led To Paid Employment With DCI Supported Employment

A part of the workforce through customized employmentWhen Jonathan joined Daily Companion’s program in October 2010 he was volunteering at the Salvation Army for 3 mornings a week.  He expressed that he liked being there and enjoyed the support he had in the organization, but he wanted a bit more – he wanted to be paid.

Jonathan continued to volunteer at the Salvation Army and participated in other training goals and volunteer work experiences with Daily Companions.   In February 2013 a Supported Employment specialist connected with a business opening in an expanded location. Jonathan’s job at Black Dog Coffee began. As Black Dog Coffee grew so did Jonathan’s work opportunities with them.

It has been a perfect fit for Jonathan who loves coffee and is able to put labels perfectly on the bags of fresh roasted coffees sold by Black Dog. Jonathan who is not one to sit back on success expressed that he wanted to work more. He is currently employed at Black Dog two days and week and was able to be employed at ROC’s one day a week as his schedule allows. If you ask Jonathan, he hopes to work even more days at Black Dog or ROC’s in the future.

Update on Jonathan’s story:  Jonathan is now employed Tuesday thru Thursday at Black Dog.  As of June 1st, he set a personal record for 229 bags of coffee!  Jonathan also picked up a third job.  He is also working at Cracker Barrel.  The whole DCI family is proud of him and his success.