Learning To Work Together

Not all behavior is bad.  We need behaviors to function in society.  Shaking some one’s hand.  Saying hello and goodbye. Purchasing groceries.  Talking on the phone.  Interacting on a job site.  These are all behavLearn To Work Togetheriors.  Behaviors are measurable observable actions.  Behaviors are actions we use to get something we want.  Behavioral actions can be positive or negative and still serve their function.  A child that screams and cries will get the attention of their parent just the same way a child who is laughing loudly will.   All behavior is learned.  Therefore, all behaviors can be taught.

It is the job of the Behavioral Support Professional to discover the function of negative behaviors and to determine what positive behaviors an individual need to acquire in order to function as independently in the community as possible.    The BSP then develops the goals for the induvial based on their assessed need and writes the steps that the direct care worker will use to teach the behavior needed to reach the goal.

Learning new behaviors happens at different paces and for many people learning requires repetitive consistent instruction.   But everyone can.

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