Katherina Hagedorn, Service Coordinator “Ms Kat”

Kat Hagedorn_Waiver ManagerWhere our CEO Ms. C. is the head with the vision for where DCI is going.  Our Companions are the hands that put together the daily work.  Ms. Kat is our heart.

Ms. Kat has been with DCI for over 5 years and has consistently found new things to do and better ways to enhance the quality of life of each member and family. Be it discovering new things to explore in the community or ways to support the families with big or small needs she is the go-to gal.

Ms. Kat is a BSP1 and a Therapeutic Options Trainer. What does this mean?  As a BSP Ms. Kat will assist members and families by developing steps and training skills that will help them to reach their goals. Therapeutic Options is a comprehensive and sensible approach to reducing violence and the use of restraint and seclusion in behavioral health care, health care, habilitation, and education settings. The program provides the tools to keep people safe while maintaining their commitment to positive approaches in serving individuals whose behavior sometimes poses danger to themselves or others.  Ms. Kat is licensed to train DCI staff in these approaches.

Ms. Kat (Kathrina Hagedorn is just too long) services as Daily Companion’s Service Coordinator.  Her past experience as a teacher for 8 years at Gafton Schools, and her case management experience with MI Adults, in addition to her work with state regulations at Mountain Heart has contributed to her ability and understanding of the IDD waiver role of Service Coordinator.  But it is her own combination of creative thinking and passion that makes her a valuable member of the DCI team.

“Watching our members and the program grow has been a joy.  I am thankful to have been and plan to continue to be a part of something that makes such a difference in the lives of others.”  “I enjoy the challenge of finding ways to meet the individual needs and of supporting each family in their journey with their loved one with special needs.”

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