I/DD Waiver Consumers visit the 167 Airlift Wing Base

DCI consumers had the opportunity to tour the 167th Airlift Wing Base in Martinsburg.  The group was warmly received.  They enjoyed a treat upon arrival while they waited for the bus and tour guides that were to accompany them.

The first stop was the Fire Department.  They listened to a brief, but very informative, talk about what to do (and what not to do) in the event of a fire.  They were then able to look at a fire suit (some tried part of it on!) and some of the equipment used by the firemen.  A big thrill was the chance to climb onto and around several of the fire trucks.  It was pointed out how the air guard firetrucks were “supersized” compared to regular firetrucks.

Next stop was a tour up into the air control tower.  How far you can see from here!  Everyone was amazed at the lovely view of Berkeley County.  Watching a small prop plane land and take off several times as it flew formations was especially fascinating.

The last stop was the chance to board one of the really large military planes.  The consumers were able to walk around and have a look at the inside of the plane.  They sat in the jump seats.  Finally they went up into the cockpit for a look around and a chat with one of the pilots.  What a great day!