Service Coordinator

The new I/DD Waiver Manual is moving towards service coordination being provided by an Independent Service Agency or a service coordinator from an I/DD Waiver Agency that does not perform any services for the waiver member except service coordination.

DCI Service Coordinators will provide services for waiver members who do not receive other services from DCI.  Service Coordinator duties are to plan IPP meetings to ensure that the waiver member is receiving services that are of interest to them and provide support to assist them in achieving their goals and dreams.  The needs of the family are also discussed and prioritized to ensure the best resolutions to assist the family,  Monthly home visits are scheduled to monitor the achievements and needs of both the waiver member and the family.  The service coordinator schedules the annual assessment of the waiver member and supports the waiver member and family during this process.  It is the priority of DCI that waiver members remain enrolled in the I/DD Waiver Program to ensure the highest quality of life and the family receives the support necessary to care for the waiver member.  It is important that the needs of the waiver member and the family are addressed to assure community integration and family independence.