Customized Employment: Steps to Success

Mastering Your Own Life, Authoring Your Own Story The customized employment program at Daily Companions, Inc is a four-step "Steps to Success" process toward entering the workforce into a position of competitive wage employment.  This lays the foundation for a rewarding career built around your Read more:

What Assistance Is Available If I Am Non-Waiver?

Daily Companions Inc. is a vendor, or Community Rehabilitation Provider (CRP), for Division of Rehabilitation Services (DRS). In this capacity, we provide vocational support by working with individuals to explore, assess and/or find employment based on their individual vocational plan. The Read more:

Getting Assistance To Find Employment Opportunities With Division Of Rehabilitation Services

As a vendor for Department of Rehabilitation Services (DRS), we assist with assessments of abilities, strengths, employment interest, and transportation.  Clients do not have to be on the waiver program.  Anyone who needs special assistance to secure employment may apply to the DRS.  Families may Read more:

How To Apply For The I/DD Waitlist Grant

Ok you have gone through all the steps to apply for the I/DD wavier and you have in your hand a letter that says you are eligible.  Now you have to wait for a slot for services to open.  Realistically due to the demand for services you will be waiting for about 5 to 6 years before a slot is Read more:

Understanding The I/DD Waiver Process

To apply for I/DD waiver the family or individual must complete the WEST VIRGINIA I/DD WAIVER APPLICATION and send it to APS Health Care as noted on the application. The family will be contacted by APS within five business days. APS will provide a list of approved psychiatrists from which the Read more:

General Knowledge and Resources

Daily Companions Inc does not endorse specific 3rd party resources, but the below are a list of those we think are helpful for general knowledge and information Books and guides for parents and kids with behavioral disabilities Parenting with Disabilities:  A guide to Home Modifications How Read more: