I/DD Waiver Consumer Uses a Ukulele

Daily Companions, Inc. consumers enjoyed a recent visit from the Woods Ukulele Group.  They kept everyone entertained with a hand clapping, foot stomping series of songs.  Each member played a ukulele, one member had a foot tambourine and a kazoo.  The music was so energizing that some of the consumers got up and danced.

One consumer in particular was fascinated with the ukulele.  She plays guitar and found the ukulele, which is smaller and has fewer strings, very easy to play.  Noting her interest, Kelly Palmer made Amanda a gift of a ukulele.  She has since spent time working on her hand chords and is very proud of her accomplishments.

Mr. Palmer said he played in High School, then after retiring he joined the Woods Ukulele Group.  They play 2 or 3 gigs a month, using a mix of country, Bluegrass, and modern.  One of his favorites is the “Wabash Cannonball”, which he played a sang for us.

If you are interested the Woods Ukulele Group will be playing at the Ukulele Festival in Bethesda, MD in August.  You can sure of a hand clapping, foot stomping, good time!