Customized Employment Grant Enables Independence

Daily Companions, Inc is a vendor for the Division of Rehabilitation Services (DRS) and our Employment Specialist was given the pleasure of working with a unique young man, Matthew, who faced many challenges due to a hearing impairment.  As a graduate of Washington High School, he was interested in Read more:

How Customized Employment Grant Enabled Full-time Job and Confidence

Christian started with Daily Companions, Inc. in November of 2016. At that time, he was employed. However, Chris was not getting hours at his job due to being hired for “on call” status. He retained this position while trying to find a supplemental job. Since he was not called once to cover for a Read more:

Supported Employment brings Success for Michael

Michael was a young man out of school and in search of a job.  How do you find employment when you are shy and have no skills?  With the help of Daily Companions' Supported Employment program and a Job Coach, Michael was able to overcome his shyness to the extent of applying, interviewing and Read more:

Explore and Enjoy the World of Music

Most of us harbor a secret dream, to wow audiences with our musical ability either through singing or playing an instrument.  Who of us does not wail out songs in the shower, play that "air" guitar, or unconsciously tap, hum, or sing along to music?  (You've done it, jamming" in the car,  and Read more:

Albert Powell Hatchery

Love to fish?  Ever caught a big Rainbow or Golden Trout?  Where did it come from? DCI Members traveled to the Albert Powell Trout Hatchery to get answers.  The Albert Powell Hatchery raises both rainbow and golden trout.  The hatchery receives about 450,000 eggs (that's a lot!) from a private Read more:

Friday Field Trip to Winchester, VA

What do you do when it is too hot to be outside but you have a hankering to be around animals? DCI Members were looking forward to the Berkeley County Fair but the intense heat precluded being outside. So we went in search of animals inside; the wild kind! A local pet store in Winchester proved to Read more:

Washington County Ag Fair and Expo

DCI Members look forward each year to attending local fairs.  This year they attended the Washington County Ag Fair and Expo.  While the carnival was not open, they were able to enjoy the 4H exhibits.  A horse show was going on and that was a lot of fun to watch.  But the best part was the animals.  Read more:

Three Little Peppers

We have three little peppers growing on our plants Since I helped plant them, does that make me an aunt? Marty has been very helpful at watering and such I guess you could say he has that ‘Green Thumb’ touch. Soon our three little peppers will have some brand new friends Our tomatoes Read more:

Fishing at Leetown Hatchery

Friday, June 24 saw DCI Members headed off to one of their most favorite activities, fishing! We would like to thank Frank Roach and his volunteers for hosting us and assisting with the rods & reels. Today many of the volunteers were full of “fish stories”. DCI Members decided to add their Read more:

Wilson’s Wild Animal Park

Friday, June 10 saw DCI Members exploring “the wild” as they visited Wilson’s Wild Animal Park. One can just imagine tropical foliage and the beat of drums in the distance! Giggles, lots of laughter, and excited chatter from DCI Members as they fed the animals, watched their antics, and discussed Read more: