Mt. Aetna Nature Center

Daily Companions I/DD Waiver Consumers were thrilled to visit the Mt. Aetna Nature Center in Hagerstown, MD.  According to our tour guide, the nature center has more African mammals on display than the Smithsonian's Museum of Natural History.  Boy, were our consumers excited to see these magnificent Read more:

An exercise in fun!

Exercise, weight-training, aerobics, Zumba - what do these words mean to you?  A way to lose eight?  Help your blood-pressure?  Deal with depression?  Strengthen joints and bones?  Does exercise of any kind just make you feel better and able to deal with whatever life throws at you? Daily Read more:

I/DD Waiver Consumers practice “Teamwork”

Teamwork is the theme for January at DCI. A series of activities have been planned such as games, puzzles, scavenger hunt, etc. to help reinforce the idea of working together to achieve a common goal.  Why is this important for I/DD consumers? Teamwork requires social skills.  Social skills are Read more:

Discovery is Fun!

For their Friday Field Trip, DCI Consumers enjoyed a morning at the Discovery Museum in Winchester, VA.  Although the museum is set up for children, adults can learn things too. One interactive display showed how food or drink enters the human body, is swallowed, and then digested.  Chris found Read more:

DCI Consumers meet with David Dickson of WDVM News

Everyone of us is affected by weather.  It dictates how we dress, if we stay indoors or out, and sometimes even if we travel or not.  Most of us watch the weather forecast in the mornings to see what to expect the next day, or the next several days.  Do you need an umbrella?  How about snow boots?  Read more:

Waste Not, Want Not for I/DD Waiver Consumers

Have you ever wondered what happens to the water that runs into the drains in your home?  Where does waste water go?  DCI Consumers were eager to learn more about this mystery.  Therefore, a tour was scheduled. Daily Companions, Inc. Consumers toured the plant for the Wastewater Division of the Read more:

2017 Transition Summit for Special Needs Students

Cathy Lee Irizarry-Barron, Customized Employment Grant Specialist, represented Daily Companions, Inc. at the Berkeley County Transition Summit.  This summit was set up by Berkeley County Schools to offer students an opportunity to meet agencies who will be able to provide help in transitioning from Read more:

How Art Class affects I/DD Consumers

Paper Mache is a great craft for all ages.  DCI Consumers had a wonderful time learning this art form.  To make their paper mache pumpkin, a round base was needed.  Each consumer was given a balloon, blown up and tied.  The balloon was then covered with white paper that had been dipped in paper Read more:

I/DD Waiver Consumers Bowl up Excitement!

DCI Consumers were filled with excitement as they got ready for their first bowling game of the year.  Most had on their personally decorated T-shirts, with their name and team number.  The atmosphere was electric.  Having chosen a ball, put on shoes, everyone waited patiently for their turn.  Much Read more:

Law Enforcement gives great advice to Special Needs Adults

The consumers of Daily Companions, Inc. were visited by Sgt. Vigh of the Berkeley County Sherriff's Department.  Sgt. Vigh first stressed that everyone should view any law enforcement personnel as a "friend".  Their job is keep us safe.  Sgt. Vigh explained that if you are in a situation that you Read more: